Slots vs Casino Games Comparison

When it comes to playing at a casino there are a number of different options in terms of the games that are available. Some people think that gambling is gambling no matter what you play. But in reality, there are big differences between typical table games such as Blackjack, Poker, and Craps in comparison to the ever popular slots machines. This brief article will list the main advantages and disadvantages that both slot machines and table games offer in order to help you decide which you might enjoy more.

Advantages of Slots

  • Larger jackpots – Slots in general, have larger jackpots than table games especially when it comes to the progressive games. Online it is not uncommon to see life changing jackpots exceeding well over £1,000,000 on games such as Millionaire Genie. Physical slot machines in land-based casinos are usually much less with jackpots of £20,000 available on Diversity slot machines. Still, that is much higher than the typical amount that you can win at a table.
  • Fast Paced Play – There is no need to wait for cards to be dealt or for other players to take their turn. When playing slots you control the pace and get to spin as fast or slow as you want.
  • You choose the stake – Low minimum bets on slots means you can often spin a single line for as little as 1p a time. On the other hand, high bets can also be placed too. If you choose a high number of pay lines and place a high bet on each line it is possible on some slots to spend over £400 on a single spin!
  • Option of solo or social play – Unlike table games there is no need to socialise or deal with other players when playing slots. That’s not to say you can’t chat as you play though since most machines are arranged in banks is easy to play next to a friend or strike up a conversation with a stranger.
  • Generally fun – Most machines now have great graphics, rewarding bonus rounds, catchy sounds, and entertaining animations that make them great fun to play.

Disadvantages of Slots

  1. The high pace of play can mean you can lose money very quickly if you are not careful, especially when you are playing multiple lines at a time
  2. You can end up on long losing streaks – On table games, the house edge is usually less than 10%, and often closer to 0 which means that you win some and you lose some quite often. However, slot machines are programmed in a certain way where the house edge is often as much as 17% which mean returns to the player can be as low as 83%.
  3. No way to affect gameplay – As mentioned slot machines are programmed and although there are a few tips that you can use, there really is no way you can really affect the gameplay like you can with certain table games.

Advantages of Table Games

  1. The result of table games are not entirely down to chance as there is an element of skill and strategy involved especially when it comes to games such as Blackjack. In fact, there are entire books and websites that will help you minimise the house advantage.
  2. It is much easier to keep track of your money when playing table games. This is mostly down to the slower pace that you can expect to play at since every game involves cards, rolling dice, or players making decisions.
  3. Table games offer the lowest house edge. Blackjack and craps have the lowest house advantage which means that these games offer the best chances of winning.

Disadvantages of Table Games

  • Lower jackpots – As mentioned earlier slots tend to have much higher jackpots in comparison to table games.
  • Less choice when placing bets – When it comes to placing bets table games often have higher minimum stakes and lower maximum stakes than slots. When playing online the minimum bet is usually at least £1 or more which is still much higher than slot machines that can often be spun for just a penny. Land based casinos minimums will usually be at least £2 or more, and the maximum stake often tops out at £200.
  • Whilst some players may enjoy the slower pace of table games, others may find it painfully slow and tedious.

As you can see for yourself slots and table games each have their own advantages and disadvantages. Gamblers who enjoy socialising and interacting with others will most likely prefer to play at the tables in order to play with company. Tables are also best suited to those who enjoy an element of skill and strategy in their games. Conversely, those who like to play at a faster pace with lots of action and the chance to win a life-changing jackpot will most likely prefer slots.

Only once you have tried slots and casino for yourself, both online and at your local casino will you truly know which you prefer.
Playing casino games online vs offline is a very interesting topic, but that is a whole different story!